Who We Are?

Welcome to the website of National Trading Company (NTC), a business conglomerate, located in Bangladesh, have experienced last 30 years to distribute Various Quality Brand Tire Including Ornet, Apollo, Double Star, Changshan, J.K.-China, LingLong, Triangle and Goodyear Tire in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Trading is one of the companies under the NTC umbrella.   This is the fastest growing enterprise specializing in facilitation of commodities to specific business sectors.  Our main aim is to support the manufacturers and producers to sustain with their production in the Industrial and Agricultural commodity supply, such as Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS), Iron ore, Manganese ore, Wheat, Soybean Seed, Lentil, and so on.

The company also has an outlet located in Chittagong, the commercial city of Bangladesh that deals with photocopier machines and spare parts, and operates locally.

Chittagong Tire Trading Company and Jony Enterprise (under NTC Group) deal with NTC’s external affairs such as LC opening, etc. related to Various Quality Brand Tire in Bangladesh.

National Trading Company (NTC) has started its journey in 1975 as “The Battery House” by trading two renowned Taiwanese Brand “Toplite” and another Japanese brand named as “Yuasa” In 1985 “The Battery House” entered in the tire industries as “National Trading Company” with sole distributorship of MRF one of the largest Indian Brand in tire world. Thereafter, NTC started import directly some global tire Brands like Ornet, Apollo, Double Star, Changshan, J.K.-China, LingLong, Triangle & Goodyear Tire and have emerged innovative private tire distributors in the Bangladesh tire market. NTC has established its own pride of long-standing relationships with tire manufacture, distributor, dealer and agent through a Nationwide & International network through excellent demonstration of commitment, loyalty and integrity

We are a team of professionals with a proven track record.  We are committed to realizing one’s goal as quick as possible and provide service as per their requirement.  Given our strong relationship with the buyers of steel scrap and agricultural commodities in Bangladesh, we are in a unique position to sell/market your products here in Bangladesh.  We would be happy to work with you and represent your company in Bangladesh.

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